The deeper I dive, the more I am in awe of our divine bodies

and the capacity we have to heal ourselves.

-Dian Cesena

For many years before my path led me to yoga and meditation, I lived a self-destructive lifestyle that ultimately led to me falling victim to vertigo, migraines and chronic sciatic pain. If anyone has ever suffered from any one of those conditions, you know they can be debilitating. Having all three at once threw me over the edge and made me deeply question what I was doing with my life.

Discovering yoga in 2010 gave me my first glimpse of the power of self-healing. I became a teacher to immerse myself in the technology of Yogic science, and have been blessed to share that technology with students since 2012. A few years ago, I expanded my knowledge into Prenatal Yoga and have been honored to share tools to help mothers heal and sustain themselves. I teach a members-only class several days a week at The Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles, and am available for private, ninety-minute sessions.

Ritual Sagrada was born in 2017, a year after the birth of my son. I noticed the neglect, lack of support and resistance to self-care among many of the new mothers I met, and had to face my own challenges in honoring my own needs while caring for my little one.

Helping people create their own ritual of self-care is important to me because I’ve had to transform my own relationship with self-care over the years. As a maiden, I had time for longer self-care rituals, but did not have the knowledge of how to take care of my inner self. When my body shut down due to my reckless lifestyle, I was forced to totally restructure my day so that I could dedicate the time needed to heal myself. As a new mother, my self-care rituals had to become multi-dimensional so that I could care for my physical, mental and spiritual self in a much shorter period of time.

It is my goal – and my privilege – to help people navigate to the most effective way to balance and heal themselves, and to help them build that healing into their every day lives, as natural as brushing one’s teeth!

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